The Medical University of Warsaw is a community of students, academic teachers and administrative staff all of whom have been striving to reach the highest level of medical education, scientific research and health care services provided to the patients. The academic activities of the Medical University of Warsaw are based on the traditional universal values.

                                                   STUDENTS` RESEARCH CLUBS

The main objective of the Medical University of Warsaw is to provide instruction in medicine, however, there are also opportunities for students to participate in ne of the numerous research program carried out of the University. The research program are supported by the Polish and International Committee of Research.

The English Division students can attend the students` research groups/clubs  in particular discipline (e.g. surgery, biochemistry, dermatology, cardiology). The main goal of each club is to give a student an opportunity to develop practical clinical skills and deepen student theoretical medical knowledge. Activities of such groups include participation in small group subject discussion rounds, presentation of  theory and case histories to other students, as well as the involvement in clinical research projects. The students learn to design research programs and evaluate research results.

                                                   STUDENTS` ORGANIZATION

In the Medical University of Warsaw acts IFMSA-Poland (International Federation of Medical Student’s Associations)  - the biggest organization in Poland focusing students and future doctors from all medical fields. The activity of the IFMSA –Poland  is based on the work of volunteers who are engaged in the preparation of various projects and programs in the following programs:
1. SCOPE (Standing of Professional Exchange) and SCORE (Standing Committee on Research Exchange) – two the most popular exchange programs among students, which give them possibility to practice and write medical essays in the best institutions in the World.
2. In the SCOPH (Standing Committee on Public Health) students promote a healthy life and share the medical knowledge with the society. The most popular actions are:
-    Plush Teddy Bear Hospital  - international project dedicated to the small children, which presents the treatment in the hospitals,
-    Antitobacco Program – campaign against smoking accomplished among the whole society,
-    Perturbation in the nutrition – project accomplished in the high school with an eye of improving knowledge of the anorexia and bulimia diseases.
3. The SCOME (Standing Committee on Medical Education) program helps students to widen their knowledge in a field of medicine that  are not included in the medical program of the Medical University’s of Warsaw curriculum.
4. SCORA (Standing Committee on Reproductive Health and AIDS) is a program directed to the young people and students. The aim of the program is to raise awareness of  STIs.
5. SCORP (Standing Committee of Human Rights and Peace) – the students training are held in the refugee centers, organize humanitarian aid in the whole world. The Polish SCORE cooperate with UNESCO organization.


During the first year of study students are obliged to attend the physical training. They have the opportunity to choose classes in basketball, volleyball, table tennis, swimming, fitness, self defense and other over 20 sections. Students exempt from classes can attend classes with correction of faulty posture in the water or rehabilitation.

 Sports and Rehabilitation Centre of the Medical University of Warsaw:

The Sports and Rehabilitation Centre of the Medical University of Warsaw is the most modern facility devoted to sports and education in Warsaw. The building serves many purposes - it is a centre for sports, rehabilitation, teaching and research, as well as for recreation.