Interdisciplinary conference on drug research

konferencja Accord

On 26-28 May this year, the international scientific conference 'Interdisciplinary Conference on Drug Sciences ACCORD 2022' organised by our Faculty took place at the WUM Teaching Centre. The event was held under the patronage of Professor Zbigniew Gaciong, Rector of the Warsaw Medical University.

The conference motto "Synergy of interdisciplinary innovations?" was explained by the Chairman of the Scientific Committee, Dr Przemysław Dorożyński: -Synergy is the mutual influence of different factors generating an effect that is far greater than the sum of each factor. This should be the case both in areas of interaction between different scientific disciplines and between the pharmaceutical industry and university entities. The conference formula, which provides for lectures and discussions presenting both horizontal and vertical aspects, may become the first step towards future successes in drug research collaboration. One of the outcomes of synergistic activities may be to accelerate them by creating broad multidisciplinary research teams or sharing knowledge and competence resources.

The conference was attended by more than 20 invited lecturers from renowned academic centres including the UK, Germany, Austria, Canada, the US and Poland ( Among the more than 250 conference participants were representatives of the Jagiellonian University, the Medical University of Silesia and the Medical University of Białystok.

During the conference, the Prof. Stanisław Biniecki Award, which recognises outstanding scientific achievements in the field of interdisciplinary drug research, was presented to two women scientists: Dr Anna Czarna and Dr Wioletta Rut.

As emphasised by Piotr Luliński, PhD, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, WUM, Chairman of the Organising Committee: - 'The proposed formula of the conference, with lectures by eminent speakers addressing the most difficult scientific problems of modern pharmacy, opinion-forming panel discussions with the participation of eminent scientists and short oral sessions presenting the scientific achievements of young researchers, together with the exposure of nearly twenty pharmaceutical and chemical companies - proved to be a success. This success would not have been possible without the dedication and hard work of all the members of both the Scientific Committee and the Organising Committee, as well as the Faculty students and volunteers helping out during the conference, to whom warm words of thanks are due at this point.
In conclusion, Dr Piotr Luliński stated that the success of the ACCORD 2022 Scientific Conference will translate into the success of the Pharmaceutical Faculty and the entire University. The scientific contacts established during the conference will undoubtedly stimulate the scientific development of the Faculty, contribute to a significant improvement in the visibility and promotion of the Faculty and the University both at home and abroad, and will also allow closer cooperation with external stakeholders, many of whom attended the conference, presenting the achievements and offerings of individual companies.

The organisers hope that the creation of a platform for the exchange of views between different communities will broaden the possibilities for multifaceted research aimed at the effective development of new drugs and therapeutic solutions.

The next edition of the conference is scheduled for 2024.