Admission - Fees

1. Application fee (EUR) - non-refundable

Application Fee Refund
In most cases, the application fee is nonrefundable. However, in some circumstances exceptions may be made.

Application Fee Refund Policy:

1. Only candidates registered in the MUW registration system (with IRK number) are entitled to a fee refund, regardless of who paid the fees.
2. Candidates are only eligible for a full fee refund in two cases mentioned below:
    a)  their registration was cancelled before the deadline for application fee payment has passed,
    b)  they paid fee not assigned to any application
3. Reimbursement is not available to Candidates who was admitted (or denied of admittance) to the examination or accepted for the program (IB/EB/EU/OECD/EFTA students).
4. In particular, the fee refund is not applicable, when Candidate:
- cancelled the application after the deadline for application fee payment.
- did not attend an examination at the time and place published in the in the examination timetable.
- was not accepted for enrollment at the English Pharmacy Division of the Medical University of Warsaw

Processing fee refunds

1. A refund request must be submitted in writing to the Recruitment Commission of Medical University of Warsaw not later than October 31, 2020.
a)      Download and fill in: Refund Application Form
b)      Mail it or deliver in person to the address:

Medical University of Warsaw
Rector's Office

Żwirki i Wigury Str. 61, Room 9, ground floor
02-091 Warsaw, Poland

2. Applications will be handled after the MUW admission period is fully closed (usually mid-November)
3.  Payment of refunds approved MUW Recruitment Commission will be made on the bank account or sent to mailing address provided in the application, at the expense of Applicant.

2. Tuition fee

12 600 EUR per first and 12 400 EUR per each subsequent academic year. Tuition fees must be paid before the following deadlines:

1) for fees paid in a one-time manner for each semester:
   - winter semester – until September 30th of the given academic year,

   - spring semester – until January 31st of the given academic year.

2) for students who obtained the consent for division of payments into instalments:
   a) fees in the winter semester:
      - instalment 1 – until October 15th of the given academic year,
      - instalment 2 – until December 31st of the given academic year.
    b) fees in the spring semester:
      - instalment 1 – until February 15th of the given academic year,
      - instalment 2 – until May 31st of the given academic year.

For more information about payments, see Rules of payment

Tuition fees should be paid in to the account:

Bank account in EUR:
Bank Millenium
ul. Stanisława Żaryna 2A
02-593 Warszawa
PL 52 1160 2202 0000 0003 0812 4151

  Bank account in PLN:
Bank Millenium
ul. Stanisława Żaryna 2A
02-593 Warszawa
PL 80 1160 2202 0000 0003 0814 2465


in the title of payment please put: your name, ID number, Pharmacy, academic year you pay for.