About the English Division





The Medical University of Warsaw is not only the largest and one of the oldest medical universities in Poland with history dating back to 1809, but currently is a top ranked Polish medical university. The Medical University of Warsaw provides education in medicine, pharmacy, dentistry and health sciences.

Teaching in English in the Medical University of Warsaw has a 20 years long tradition: the English Division of the Faculty of Medicine was established in 1993, the English Dentistry Division in 2012.

In 2016 the English Pharmacy Division starts.
The five-year undergraduate pharmacy course leads to the degree of Master of Pharmacy (MPharm) and, after a further 6-month of pre-registration training in an approved pharmacies, to registration as a pharmacist. Polish registration is recognized in other member states of the EU.
The Faculty enjoys a national and international reputation for research and innovation. Innovative teaching, clinical and experiential placements and business skills programs provide our students with a well-rounded and professionally relevant pharmacy degree, putting them in high demand with employers.   


Total duration of the study is 5 years of the instruction and 6 months of the preregistration training.

The program comprises of:
•    Four semesters of pre-professional subjects
•    Five semesters of professional subjects
•    One semester to prepare MA thesis in the selected research topic
•    Six-month of pre-registration training
It offers about 5 500 hours of instruction.
During the past two years of the study total of 400 hours involve specialist elective courses:

  • Hospital Pharmacy and Cosmetology
  • Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Care
  • Industrial Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
  • Pharmaceutical and Environmental Toxicology
  • Analytical and Experimental Pharmacy

The academic year starts at the end of September and ends 30th June. It consists of two semesters: the winter one lasts from the end of the September till mid February and the spring one lasts from mid-February to the end of June.
Examination sessions are in January/February and in June.
There is one-week breaks between semesters, and two one-week breaks at Christmas and Easter.


Upon completion of the third and fourth  year of studies students are required to take a four week (120 hours) summer holiday professional training, which is mandatory as it is a part of the Polish pharmaceutical curriculum.
Student have to do their summer practice:

  • after third year of the study in an community pharmacy
  • after fourth year of the study in an hospital pharmacy and (optional) in a research laboratory / industrial plant


Poland is one of the leading countries conforming to the guidelines from the Bologna Process in European higher education.
The degree system based on the Bachelor's, Masters and Ph.D. structure has been successfully implemented together with the ECTS credits system. By adapting to the European standard in higher education, it has become easier for students who complete all or part of their education in Poland to obtain recognition of their qualifications in other countries.
A full-time five-year study course amounts to 330 ECTS credits which comprises a total student workload of about 5500 hours.
Medical University of Warsaw takes part in the Erasmus Programme which offers the opportunity for student exchanges with 30 universities in 13 countries.
Students willing to focus on specific areas or issues of pharmaceutical sciences have an opportunity to attend student research groups and participate in one of numerous research programs carried out at the University. The research programs are supported by the Polish Committee of Research and many international European as well as American organizations.